Guide to NB Power Total Home Energy Savings Program for Windows & Doors

Save $30 to $50 per Window and Door Opening

Step 1
As the legal homeowner, book an initial Home Energy Evaluation of your home through NB Power at 1-800-663-6272 or www.nbpower.com

Step 2
Once you schedule an appointment, a Certified Energy Advisor will come to your home to conduct an initial Home Energy Evaluation. The initial Home Energy Evaluation will take 2-3 hours to complete depending on the size and age of your home. Your advisor will take detailed measurements of your home, document your home’s insulation, heating and cooling and ventilation systems, and complete a blower door test to measure air leakage.

Step 3
Shortly after your initial Home Energy Evaluation, you’ll receive a detailed report with prioritized recommendations to help you save energy and money along with an EnerGuide label showing the energy footprint of your home. You will also receive a helpful summary report from NB Power, providing details on potential incentive amounts. Choose the projects you would like to complete from your report.

Step 4
Complete the upgrades of your choice. Keep receipts for all materials purchased and all work done, they will be required during your Evaluation.

Step 5
Complete your final Home Energy Evaluation. You have nine months from the date of your initial Home Energy Evaluation to complete your work and schedule a final Home Energy Evaluation. Once the work is complete, contact your Certified Energy Advisor or Service Organization to book your complimentary final Home Energy Evaluation.

Step 6
Receive your incentive. If you upgrade windows and doors, you could be eligible for $30 per opening. If you combine with this with 2 primary upgrades (see program details for primary upgrades) you could be eligible for $40 per opening. If you complete 3 or more primary upgrades, you could be eligible for $50 rebate per window and door opening.

Table showing the savings tiers for the NB Power Energy Rebate Program

Criteria for Windows & Doors

  • Windows must be ENERGY STAR qualified for climate zone 3, which most Kohltech windows do. Please select Kohltech, ENERGY STAR Zone(s) 1|2|3 and the appropriate window type at: http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/pml-lmp/index.cfm?action=app.search-recherche&appliance=WINDOWS
    • Almost all Kohltech Triple Energlas Plus windows will achieve Zone 3 rating, however, we recommend getting a quote to verify.
  • For doors, visit the ENERGY STAR directory at: http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/pml-lmp/index.cfm?action=app.-search-recherche&appliance=DOORS and select Kohltech.
  • Inserting an ENERGY STAR qualified window unit into the rough opening of an old window qualifies for incentives. However, replacing the glass, sash, or door without a frame or jamb is not eligible for incentives.
  • Incentive amounts are calculated per rough opening, not per number of window panes/units. For example, a bay window with three window units installed into one rough opening is eligible for only one incentive.
  • Each qualified model comes with a temporary label/sticker showing the appropriate ENERGY STAR climate zones. Keep these stickers until your final Home Energy Evaluation is complete.


This information is a summary of the program and not intended to replace the information that is outlined under the full program. For the complete program visit: