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Practicality, performance, quality and affordability all come standard with the Select Patio Door. Our engineers designed this innovative and economical door with popular standard features including a pocket sill, sliding screen door with wheels and positive interlock for less air infiltration.

12 foot Select Patio Door with Mini Blinds

Available options include energy-efficient glass, plain frame or j-trim, dual point locking system, security bar, a choice of decorative Grilles and exterior colours. When you need durability and practical value, the Select Patio Door can make your possibility your reality.

To view more door options, refer to our Kohltech Door or Novatech brochures.


The Estate Patio Door combines the elegance of wood accents with the tasteful durability of vinyl to brighten the inside of your home all year long. The easy to operate sliding door is crafted to provide years of trouble-free performance, and like every Kohltech entrance system, it’s backed by a comprehensive guarantee.

Available decorative options include custom grilles, foot lock, dual-point locking system, tan vinyl and exterior colours. Enhanced security options including a security bar and key lockset are also available to ensure maximum protection and security for your home.

To view more door options, refer to our Kohltech Door or Novatech brochures.

Supreme Tilt & Slide Patio Doors

Our unique tilting patio doors give new meaning to the words functionality and flexibility.

Supreme Tilt & Slide Patio Door black exterior in a stone houseSupreme Tilt & Slide Door Interior

The tilting functions added to a traditional in-swing and sliding patio doors provide convenience and comfort in a technologically advanced door. In the tilt position, the entire door gently tilts inward to provide air circulation and cross ventilation without compromising security. A single handle conveniently operates both the tilt or sliding functions.

The Tilt & Slide patio doors blend the best features of a window and a door into a creative and distinctive entrance system for your home.

To view more door options, refer to our Kohltech Door or Novatech brochures.

NAFS Ratings

NFRC/Energy Star: NFRC
Size tested (99×60)
AAMA/WDMA/CSA/I.S.2-/A440-08: AW-PG55-SD

Conserving energy is a priority for you, and it is for us as well. We provide a variety of glass options that assist in increasing a home’s energy efficiency.


Clear Glass
Our standard glazing and most economical choice.

Energlas® & Energlas® LSG
Our most popular glazing option dramatically reduces heat loss and infiltration of harmful UV rays. It uses a warm edge spacer, one panel of LoE coated glass, and one cavity filled with high density gas.

LoE Argon & LoE Argon LSG
Increased thermal performance by combining a LoE coating with argon gas filling.

Triple Energlas® Plus & Triple Energlas Plus® LSG
Technology at its best. It is an ultra high performance energy efficient triple glazed system using warm edge SuperSpacer, two panels of LoE coated glass, and two cavities filled with high density glass.

Double Prairie

Technology, meet Colour.

We believe in choice. That’s why we offer a choice of door styles, a choice of door glass, a choice of options, and a choice of interior and exterior colours. Designed to withstand everything our harsh climate can throw at them, our factory-applied coatings are available in a colour palette inspired by the beauty of nature, not by changing trends. We invite you to envision the exciting colour possibilities for your new home or existing doors.


Available on all doors (Fiberglass, Steel and Patio). Each application has its own unique finish – colours will vary slightly from those illustrated.

Amazing Red


Crimson Red




Old World Blue

Forest Green

Universal Brown



Kohltech Tan




O – Fixed
X – Operating

Patio Door diagram with available sizes for 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 & 12 foot patio doors


5′, 6′, 8′ Doors come standard with fixed center post and one fixed door slab.