New Supreme Casement Window!

 We are Excited About the New Supreme Casement Window!


The new Supreme Casement Window has been redesigned from the ground up!

What does that mean? It means we’ve improved our product with you, our valued customer, in mind!

We’ve added more glass area, created phenomenal energy-efficiency, and developed a stronger frame.

We’ve also switched to a popular clean, contemporary style.

This window is the definition of SUPREME!



Features and Benefits

1.    In our new design, the window sash has been uniquely designed with exterior glazing to maximize the window area, giving you even more glass to look through. There is 10-15% more glass in each window, helping bring the outside beauty, inside. The mullions are also narrower, but that does not mean we have compromised the strength. In fact, we now have the ability to add stronger reinforcements.



2.   We understand that security is important to you, which is why our Supreme Casement windows come with up to 5 locking points for tight seals.


3.  With both dual and triple glazing options available, you have plenty of options to meet your energy-efficiency dreams and budget. We’ve improved our LoE coatings on our windows to stay well ahead of Energy Codes and ENERGY STAR requirements. Check out this link to learn about all of Kohltech’s glass options.



4.    The frame depth of 4 1/2″ satisfies NAFS requirements and strengthens the window. Houses are moving towards thicker walls, so this keeps up with the energy-efficient trends and makes for an easier install.


5.    Our Supreme Casement windows are available with the option of heavy-duty screens. This is beneficial for everyone, but especially for anyone who lives in high wind areas. Learn more about our heavy-duty screens.


6.    Stainless steel hinge hardware is the perfect pairing for these windows. Stainless hardware has a better warranty, prevents rusting, and ensures easy operating.


7.    In addition to maximizing glass surface and improving energy-efficiency our Supreme Casement windows also come with decorative operator options. They fold easily and sit nicely tucked into their nesting covers along the window frame. You also have the choice of 6 different handle colours!


More Benefits

  • Our Supreme Casement Windows are available as regular casement, awning, picture/fixed, and wide picture windows.
  • Supreme Casement windows are available with all SDL and grille options and any brickmould/casing style.
  • In addition to hardware and grille options, we have 30 standard and custom paint colours available for both interior and exterior.

The customization options are limitless!


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